Club Presidents’ Report

  • To be a club of good standing, you must submit the membership form, which includes members' names and addresses and indicates that dues of $7 per member have been paid. (10 points)
  • Are your club's bylaws based on "Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised," with objectives in accordance with the TFGC bylaws? (10 Points)
  • Did your club meet at least eight times during the year and have at least six programs on gardening and related subjects to promote the concerns and interests of TFGC, DSGC, and NGC? Check all programs that apply.
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  • Does your club present horticulture specimens, properly named for educational purposes and/or floral designs to at least six or more meetings?
  • Did you or representatives of your club attend any of these meetings? Please check all that apply.
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  • How many many attendees did your club have at the above meetings?
  • Did your club have a program about or a visit to the above locations? Please check all that apply.
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  • Has your club engaged in any of these community outreaches?
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  • If you answered Other above, please describe your community outreach activity.
  • How many of your members have given a program to a garden club or related organization?
  • Could you share the subject and member name? Would they be willing to present the program to others?
  • Do any of your members hold memberships in related organizations? Please list the organizations and the number of club members who belong.
  • Enter the total number of memberships from above.
  • Did your club have a NGC Flower Show within the past two years?
  • Please state the type of show (small standard, standard, etc.) and the year.
  • Did any members of your club exhibit in a fair, council, district, multi-club show etc? If so, please list the show and number of members exhibiting.
  • Enter the total number of members who exhibited.
  • Enter the name, address, phone number, and email for the incoming president.
  • To be a club of excellence, you must have a total of at least 80 points.
  • Please include the name of any deceased member for the memorial service.
  • Once submitted, this form will be sent to your district director. A copy will also be emailed to the club president listed above.

    In addition submitting this report, please mail one copy of the club's yearbook to the district director.