First, I wish to thank Kathy Kennedy-Crownover for her many years of support as Webmaster of our old website. I know her dedication is appreciated by all club members.

With the old website’s retirement, the organization has moved to a new design that features social media access (Facebook and Instagram).

We received wonderful assistance from GiveCamp, Memphis (Von Ralls) and RaeCreative (Ashley Rae) for web design, software, and hosting, as well as guidance and support in creating and maintaining this exciting new site. 

The new design includes the ability to communicate online and publicize events, as well as the upcoming ability to make online payments for donations, special events and club membership.  You will also find all TFGC forms are grouped together for easy access; you can fill them out online or print them. Features include a new events calendar with sort capabilities, news articles and of course, The Volunteer Gardener magazine.  Each District will have their own collection of information, including the ability to add newsletters, helpful hints, and special announcements via document uploads.

To support our new website and social media, TFGC has created a new support team.  One of the committee’s goals is to document website support procedures, so that committee members can easily rotate when officers change every two years.

The 2021-2023 Website Committee members are:

            Committee Chair and Administrator          Janeene Larkin Horn
            Co-Administrator                                          Shannon Thurman
            Forms Chair                                                    Susan Quinn
            Events Chair                                                   Nancy Goodrich
            Communications Chair                                 OPEN
            Social Media – Facebook Chair                   Kim Halyak (temporary, full term-OPEN)
            Social Media – Instagram Chair                  Monty West


The old website ( will automatically redirect you to our new address, while we all get familiar with and bookmark our new URL:

Please visit the website often and send me your comments.

Thank you,


Janeene Larkin Horn
Website Committee Chair/Administrator