TFGC Website Communication — How to Submit News Articles



Dear Club Members,

I hope you are enjoying our new website. Please bookmark the address.

As you become familiar with our site’s features, take note of the News section. We have district and statewide news, as well as The Volunteer Gardener magazine. You can add articles to the District and Statewide news sections anytime throughout the year. To submit articles, click Resources, Forms, and Submit News Article under Website Updates — Fill in Online. We recommend that district directors coordinate news for their districts and consider appointing a member to assist clubs with article submissions.

The “Submit News Article” form allows you to choose where your article will appear, such as in news for a specific district, statewide, or in The Volunteer Gardener (TVG). Note: The August edition of TVG will be online only.

You can enter your text within the form or attach a document. You can also attach photos in JPG format. The committee will post district and statewide news weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Note: The Website Committee will check all submissions for spelling, grammar, accuracy, and overall readability.

I hope you all take advantage of this new method of communicating with your club members.  This should be fun. Post your projects and helpful hints about plantings, celebrations and recognition of members, just any information you think your club members would like to see. 

And remember: we have Facebook and Instagram sites that we are starting to ramp up, so be sure to follow these sites and submit photos and comments.

If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know. We hope you visit the website often!

Thank you,

Janeene Larkin Horn
Website Committee Chair


2021–2023 Website Committee

Committee Chair & Administrator                 Janeene Larkin Horn
Co-Administrator                                            Shannon Thurman
Forms Chair                                                     Susan Quinn
Events Chair                                                    Nancy Goodrich
Communications Chair                                   OPEN
Social Media — Facebook Chair                    OPEN (Kim Halyak — temporary)
Social Media — Instagram Chair                   Monty West