50th Anniversary Celebration Held at CT State Scenic Trail

On April 30, 2021, Debbie Shaver and I attended the 50th anniversary of the Cumberland Trail (CT) State Scenic Trail at the Head of the Sequatchie Park above Pikeville, TN. Debbie had created a display about the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs (TFGC) and also represented the “Friends of the Cumberland Trail.” I represented TFGC and spoke about the TFGC Conservation Education Fund for the late conservationist Mack Prichard and the Land Trust Fund for the trail.

Bobby Fulcher, park manager for the CT State Scenic Trail and the Justin P. Wilson CT State Park, introduced Justin P. Wilson and other park officials. Mr. Wilson shared the story of how his name was chosen for the CT State Park. Bobby thanked the TFGC members for all their donations over the past years. “Our alliance with TFGC has connected the CT with one of Tennessee’s oldest conservation organizations and we proudly wear that honor,” he said.

After the program, I was approached by Mack Prichard’s sister, Geraldine Kaller, and his niece, Lisa Luck. We shared fond memories of Mack, the founder of the Cumberland Trail. How apropos to remember him on that glorious day of sunshine, a mountain stream, and beautiful trees all around.

As TFGC members continue to donate to the Land Trust Fund, they can also support the CT. As the Friends of the Cumberland Trail mission statement notes: “To preserve and protect environmental, cultural and historical resources of the Cumberland Trail Corridor, to provide related educational opportunities, and to support park needs.”

Visit the Friends online at https://friendsofthecumberlandtrail.org and join this group. Debbie Shaver creates the newsletter for Friends.

Upon leaving the park, I reflected how pleased I was to find this park, meet Justin P. Wilson, and see Bobby Fulcher and all the hard-working rangers and volunteers. TFGC members should be proud of working towards the completion of the 300 miles of the CT hiking trails across Tennessee!

Maggi Burns

Maggi Burns, Justin P. Wilson, and Debbie Shaver participated in the 50th anniversary of the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail.