2021-2022 Officers of the Tuckaleechee Garden Club (TGC) were inducted by Dr. Jan Brown, Knox County Council of Garden Clubs President, in a special ceremony using gardening analogies to highlight the duties of each office. Pictured left to right: Dr. Jan Brown, President, Knox County Council of Garden Clubs; Janie Bitner, President; Allison Pearson, Vice-President; Debbie Dickie, Chaplain; Wanda Taylor, Recording Secretary; Linda Lee, Corresponding Secretary; Charlotte Miller, Treasurer; Mary Lynn Morgan, Librarian; Theresa Schehr, Historian, and Scott Schehr, Parliamentarian. Committee Chairs were also recognized (not pictured): Martha Frink, Program Chair; Theresa Schehr, Yearbook Chair; Cathy Shovelton, Exhibits and Awards; Mark Seder, River Walk Chair; Cathy Shovelton, Blue Star Chair.

Tuckaleechee GC


To honor and celebrate National Gardening Week (June 6-12), the Tuckaleechee Garden Club (TGC) held 3 workdays to prepare and plant four unique varieties of Redbud trees (Merlot, Pompom, Forest Pansy, and Whitebud) at the Townsend River Walk and Arboretum (TRWA), along US 321. The project was led by Mark Seder and involved club members preparing an 80-foot plot by removing sod, amending soil, digging the planting holes, planting the 4 large specimen trees, then finishing off the entire area with fresh mulch.

Pictured, TGC Member Mark Seder leads the preparation work for the TGC National Gardening Week Project. Volunteer Rodney Pearson joins in the fun. 


TGC Members Janie Bitner, Mary Lynn Morgan, Martha Frink, Theresa Schehr, Scott Schehr, and Charlotte Miller at the TWRA National Garden Week finished project.

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