Tyne Meade Garden Club celebrated its 70th anniversary on July 15, 2021, at Johnson’s Chapel Methodist Church meeting facility (formerly, a one-room school house).

Janeene Larkin Horn, Sandra Frank, Nancy Goodrich, Shannon Thurman, and Monty West made up the celebration committee. Team members showed their creativity with decorations, flower arrangements, refreshments, and historical program.

Sandra’s decoration committee included Doris Weakley and Jan Shockey; they transformed the room with tablecloths and eye-catching floral arrangements. Cake pops, savory sandwiches, nuts and other delectables were provided by Nancy and her team: Betsy Abernathy, Jackie Bellar, Terri Kureshi, and Dixie Riddle. Shannon created scrapbook-type displays of club photos and history, which were exhibited on the wall.

Janet Brownlee played a big role in reserving the facility. I had the pleasure of gathering all the historical data and memorabilia (the first yearbook for 1951–52 is a treasure), learning the history of our club, and hosting the gathering.

Club President Monty West welcomed everyone. All were given name tags (created by Monty). Visitors included past TMGC club members, guest from other area clubs, flower show judges, and our District II Director Bobbie Wolcott and TFGC President-Elect Denise Thorne.

Before the program, Director Bobbie Wolcott presented Tyne Meade with an Award of Merit from the Horticultural Society of Davidson County and a check for seventy dollars for our club program fund.

During our celebration event, guests learned about the history of the club, and bits of trivia were read by members. Afterwards, members and guests enjoyed refreshments and shared club memories.

I thank everyone who celebrated with us and look forward to the next big anniversary.

Best Regards,
Janeene Larkin Horn

Celebration Committee
Committee Members – Shannon Thurman, Jan Shockey, Monty West, Sandra Frank, Doris Weakley, Jackie Bellar
Committee members – Nancy Goodrich, Jackie Bellar, Dixie Riddle, Terri Kureshi, Betsy Abernathy
District II Director, Bobbie Wolcott; TMGC President, Monty West; TFGC President-Elect,
Denise Thorne; Refreshment Chair, Nancy Goodrich; Committee Chair, Janeene Larkin Horn
TMGC – left to right Marlene Key, Donna Cook, Jan Shockey, Janet Brownlee, Terri Kureshi, Laila Isa, Jackie Bellar, Dixie Riddle, Janeene Larkin Horn, Nancy Goodrich, Betsy Abernathy, Dobrila Pintar, Shannon Thurman, Doris Weakley, Sandra Frank, Monty West