Conservation Camp

It's Our 67th Convention Camp! Wow!

October 24-25, 2022

Paris Landing State Park
Buchanan, TN

Chair Suzy Askew

1875 Jackson Avenue
Memphis, TN 38107


Please arrive on the evening of the 23rd for the 7 p.m. board meeting and plan on leaving the morning of the 26th.

Food, Meetings, Fun!

  • You are responsible for your breakfasts. We will dine together for lunch and supper. One night we will have S’mores at the firepits. We will offer snacks midafternoon.

  • Board meetings will be on Sunday afternoon and evening.

  • The Membership meeting will be first thing Monday morning.

  • As we go from exciting informative speakers to activities, you will learn, craft, laugh, create, make new friends, and reconnect to old friends.

  • There are both single projects and collaborative projects, each one reinforcing the speaker topics. You can take these ideas back to your own clubs and youth groups.

Supplies to Bring with You

  • Reusable cup

  • Bulk wildflower straight seed species (no cultivars) for flower bombs

  • Plastic gloves (for mixing wildflower bombs) & a weeding tool for nearby beds

  • Cheap clear-glass vase to transform into a container for design night

  • Scissors, Elmer’s white glue

  • Empty egg carton for flower bombs

  • Small bag of both natural and manufactured crafting pieces (nuts, rocks, seeds, mosaic tiles, washi tape, bits of pretty paper) to be used for a frog house and container

  • A clear plastic clam shell container like the ones fruit comes at from grocery store (for a mini-greenhouse)

  • Color markers for sign-making

We will have some extras of all the above in case you forget or don’t have. We will also post images here of what these things might look like.


  • Keep in mind that we are experiencing much higher prices in food and room rental costs, and each speaker receives an honorarium. Still, many of the craft items are donated, and all profits are returned to our organization.

  • Because we now schedule Conservation Camp and Convention every other year, we are not having to spend as much.

  • The registration fee for the 67th TFGC Conservation Camp is $220.