Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., organizes a dynamic awards program for its membership.

The purpose of the awards program is to recognize the achievement of an individual, a club, or group of clubs that further the goals and objectives of Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., the Deep South Region, and the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

  1. Flower Shows: All clubs having a flower show send a letter of intent to the State Awards chair and the FS State Evaluations chair. After receiving the letter of intent, the State Awards chair sends out a Flower Show Packet to the club  that includes all necessary forms and other important information. The Awards chair and the Evaluations chair work closely together.

  2. District Awards: Committees evaluate club ratings, Junior Standard awards, and send a list to the State Awards chair. These awards must be sent in by February 1.

  3. TFGC Treasurer: The treasurer forwards the names of any delinquent clubs that are ineligible for any awards to the State Awards chair. These are the clubs whose membership dues are delinquent on June 1.

  4. Publicity Press Books: Press books are due on January 15. Send books to the State Awards chair. She will have them judged and send them on. Press books are brought to the conventions for delivering to the appropriate district directors. In years without a convention, please include postage for returning the press books.

  5. If a club wants any Press Book or Flower Show Book returned, the club must include a self-addressed envelope and return postage.

  6. Any individual, group, or club who wishes to add a new award must apply in writing to the Awards Committee. Payment for the new award must be specifically established. After approval by the Awards Committee, the award is presented to the Executive Committee and then the Board of Directors for approval. This chair presents the specifications for NGC, DSGC, and TFGC awards at the Post Convention board meeting. The approved awards are then published for distribution to the clubs no later than the President’s meetings.

  7. The awards year is January 1 through December 31. All applications must be received no later than January 1. There are exceptions, so note each awards deadline.

DSGC Unified Project 2021-2023

Deep South

DSGC Unified Project 2021-2023

Work with schools, cities, and homeowners to plant native flowers.

TFGC Chair— Jackie Westfield


NGC Awards

We acknowledge those who have put forth endless effort to educate youth on the importance of gardening and horticulture; those who tirelessly work to grow club memberships; those who passionately strive to help their community—both locally and globally.